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Why this?

Preparation is key. But so is fun, trust, a good diet, find some time with friends as well as spend some time on personal development.

There’s only so much you can do.

I’ve spent years preparing, saving money, meeting people only to… well feel alive in a way, feel like I actually am successful without seeing the success in my bank account or on my CV.

Let’s be honest, another picture of my modelling past won’t change the world. But maybe a lesson I learned through failure or success will change someone’s view.

That’s why I’m sharing some experiences as an actress and salesperson and how both seemed to be the missing part in my other growth as a person and professional.

It turned put finding people’s contact and scheduling emails is not the only skill you need in order to survive in the midst of sharks.

And this analogy goes for acting and sales.

Every day your KPIs start from 0 again, every success you have is followed by another morning of trying to achieve and ideally exceed the success from the day before.

I feel you. So how do you make this worthy the hustle and don’t lose your head on the way?

In Germany we have the saying: Once you lose your target you work twice as hard. Or in other words: Once you lose your WHY your WHAT becomes a nightmare.

Simon Sinek is talking about the importance of a strong WHY. It helped me a lot to adjust my mindset in order to be able to go through the grinding periods of working as an actress and/or salesperson.

To give you an example, I define my WHY through my mission: Telling stories. I am fascinated by God’s work as an author (yes, I am a Christian) and want to spend my life’s work telling these stories, your story. That’s why I love acting, film making, theatre making, talking to strangers in the pub - because it is effecting lives. Same with sales - Selling is never about the product but about the solution the product offers to the person you’re talking to.

The way to sell the solution means you have to understand the other one’s problem. The story comes to its listener.

So what’s yo

ur WHY? What’s the reason you’re doing all of this? Spending time on a stranger’s blog, reading about acting and sales and that jazz.

And make sure your WHY excites you! Your heart knows when you’re lying to yourself. It took me years to actually figure out why I love what I do and that’s fine.

But once you know it - nurture it, grow and prosper it.

And then we can talk about the HOW.

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