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Why now?

Or should I say - Turn a Why now? into a Right now!

When I outbound prospects (contact them out of the blue) I often get responses like: ‘Now is not the time.’ ‘Get back in touch next quarter.’ The list is long.

The same with casting directors. ‘I might have a role that fits your profile next year.’ Or my favourite: ‘Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be in touch.’ Let’s be honest… they rarely get in touch. Why would they? All sorts of prospects have different lives and usually busy ones too. So why would they be interested in talking to you NOW?

Because NOW is the time to get to know something they’ll need/want in the future.

In these circumstances meetings with directors, producers or the CFO at Lufthansa are not about them giving you a favour but you helping them out.

YOU make THEIR lives easier when they already know what you can sell. And there are easy steps to turn a ‘we’re not in an active buying cycle’ into a ‘let’s have a chat to see when we’ll be’.

First: What are their KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) they need to hit?

Everyone works with certain objectives from day to day/ month to month/ year to year. Try to find out more about theirs. What do they need to achieve? How can you help them achieve that?

Second: Sometimes it simply isn’t the right time to talk about business. But it often is the right time to have an unbinding, open, 15 minute chat to help them get to know you for when it is the right moment they can save time looking for the right person but get back to you right away.

Many people say: As an actor you have to constantly push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. And it’s true! You do have to get comfortable in the unknown, but not only when you’re an actor but also when you’re a human being wanting to grow into your potential.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how to turn a Why now? into a Right Now!

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